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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Indeed, culture and faith are never at loggerhead; rather, they are inseparable complementary terms wherein one hinges on the other. Apart from showing the beauty of the diverse cultures our seminary encompasses, Liturgico-cultural celebrations are avenues to exhibit in a very practical manner the application of the principles of inculturation and to help seminarians who are in training to learn, so that they will someday become the custodians of their different cultures as well as, the custodians of the liturgical life of the Church. By so doing, they will be able to help the people of God to draw a clear line between inculturation and syncretism. It was the turn of the Igala Liturgico-cultural Group to show the incarnation of the gospel in the Igala culture.

In its week long programme, the Igala Liturgico-cultural Group hosted a football match between Abuja and Lagos provinces on the 14th March, 2019. The celebration took an intellectual turn on Friday 15th March, 2019, with a lecture titled: “THE REALITY OF RE-INCARNATION AND ITS CHALLENGE TO OUR CHRISTIAN FAITH”. The speaker, Rev. Fr. Matthew O. Attah established the reality of the belief in re-incarnation in most African cultures particularly in Igala culture, and its contra-implication for Christian doctrine.  

Grand Finale       17th March

The usual flood of white one would expect in the seminary chapel was perfectly blended with the golden Igala attire adorned by brothers from the culture. The liturgy took a grand style with the hymns, first reading, prayer of the faithful and some parts of the Mass rendered in Igala language, indeed, it was beautiful.

The second phase of the grand finale took place in the seminary’s auditorium. To further display the richness of Igala culture. The audience was treated to beautiful songs and energetic traditional dances. The climax was the epic drama presentation, “Inikpi, Oma Ufedo Baba” which recounts the heroic sacrifice of the beloved princess, Inikpi to avert the calamity of extinction that was to before her people. The ceremony was graced by several friends and invited guests especially the Igala community in Ibadan.


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