Saints Peter & Paul Major Seminary
Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria
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The Seminary of Ss. Peter and Paul is a regional Seminary for the dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Lagos, Ibadan and Benin City. The Conference of Bishops under the Chairmanship of the Archbishop of Lagos oversees the general formation programme of the Seminary. Responsible to it is the Seminary Commission, which meets twice annually and makes recommendations to the Conference. Members of the Seminary Commission are appointed by the Conference and it comprises four Bishops, the Rector, the Director of the Spiritual Year Programme, and an elected member of staff.

The Archbishop of Ibadan is the Chairman of the Commission, and acts in its name when the Commission is not in session. The commission is responsible for the academic and overall formative policies of the Seminary.



President: Most Rev. Dr. Gabriel ‘Leke ABEGUNRIN Archbishop of Ibadan Archdiocese

  • Most Rev. Dr. Alfred A. MARTINS (Archbishop of Lagos Archdiocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Augustine AKUBEZE (Archbishop of Benin City Archdiocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Emmanuel A. BADEJO (Bishop of Oyo Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Felix AJAKAIYE (Bishop of Ekiti Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Jude AROGUNDADE (Bishop of Ondo Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. John AFAREHA (Bishop of Warri Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Hyacinth EGBEBO, MSP (Bishop of Bomadi Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Michael O. ELUE (Bishop of Issele-Uku Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Gabriel DUNIYA (Bishop of Auchi Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Peter ODETOYINBO (Bishop of Abeokuta Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Donatus OGUN (Bishop of Uromi Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. John A. OYEJOLA (Bishop of Osogbo Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Paul Adegboyega OLAWOORE (Bishop of Ilorin Diocese)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Francis Obafemi ADESINA (Bishop of Ijebu-Ode Diocese)
  • His Eminence, Anthony Cardinal O. OKOGIE (Archbishop Emeritus of Lagos)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Felix A. JOB (Archbishop Emeritus of Ibadan)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Patrick E. EKPU (Archbishop Emeritus of Benin City)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Michael O. FAGUN (Bishop Emeritus of Ekiti)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Julius B. ADELAKUN (Bishop Emeritus of Oyo)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Francis F. ALONGE (Bishop Emeritus of Ondo)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Albert A. FASINA (Bishop Emeritus of Ijebu-Ode)
  • Most Rev. Dr. Ayo-Maria ATOYEBI, OP (Bishop Emeritus of Ilorin)



Chairman: Most Rev. Dr. Gabriel ‘Leke ABEGUNRIN

Secretary: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony EWHERIDO (Rector)




Chairman: Most Rev. Dr. Gabriel ‘Leke ABEGUNRIN

Rector: Very Rev. Fr. Anthony EWHERIDO

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Dr. Hubert OPARA (Registrar)


  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony IGBEKELE, Vice Rector
  • Rev. Fr. Francis ADEDARA, Dean of Studies
  • Rev. Fr. Joseph IYAMAH, Head of Department of Theology
  • Rev. Fr. Anselm JIMOH, Head of Department of Philosophy
  • Rt. Rev. Mongsr. John ANIAGWU
  • Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony AKINWALE, Vice-Chancellor, Dominican University
  • Prof. I. AJAYI, University of Ibadan
  • Prof. R. OLANIYAN, Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Prof. Wuraola SHOKUNBI, University College Hospital, Ibadan
  • Prof. I. Ukpokolo, University of Ibadan




  • Rector: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony EWHERIDO
  • Vice Rector: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony IGBEKELE
  • Registrar: Rev. Fr. Dr. Hubert OPARA
  • Dean of Students: Rev. Fr. Kenneth ADESINA
  • Assistant Dean of Student: Rev. Fr. Stephen OGBEIYE
  • Bursar: Rev. Fr. Christopher OJO
  • Head-Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. Augustine FAMORIYO
  • Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. Joseph ANIAGA
  • Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. Daniel Koumah
  • Dean of Studies: Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis ADEDARA
  • Head, Dept. of Theology: Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph IYAMAH
  • Head, Dept. of Philosophy: Rev. Fr. Dr. Anselm JIMOH
  • Head, Library Department: Rev. Fr. Francis ADELABU



Chairman: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony EWHERIDO - Rector

Vice-Chairman: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony IGBEKELE - Vice Rector

Registrar: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Hubert OPARA



  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Anselm Kole Jimoh
  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Iyamah
  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Adedara
  • Sr. Dr. Florence Oso, EHJ
  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Damian Ilodigwe
  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Kenneth Adesina
  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Adelabu
  • Rev. Fr. Stephen Ogbeiye
  • Rev. Fr. Augustine Famoriyo
  • Rev. Fr. Joseph Aniaga
  • Rev. Fr. Daniel Koumah
  • Superiors/Delegates of Religious Houses of Formation present in the Seminary




Admissions Committee

Chairman: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Hubert OPARA, Registrar


  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Anselm JIMOH, H.O.D. Phil. Dept.
  • Rev. Fr. Dr. Kenneth ADESINA, Dean of Students


Development/Finance Committee

Chairman: Rev. Fr. Anthony EWHERIDO, Rector


  • Rev. Fr. Christopher OJO, Bursar


Disciplinary Committee

Chairman: Rev. Fr. Anthony Igbekele - Vice Rector


  • Rev. Fr. Francis Adedara
  • Rev. Fr. Anselm Jimoh
  • Rev. Fr. Hubert Opara
  • Rev. Fr. Joseph Iyamah



Chairman: Rev. Fr. Damian ILODIGWE


  • Rev. Fr. Augustine Famoriyo
  • Two Students’ Pastoral Prefects
  • Presidents, Legion of Mary Praesidia



Chairman: Rev. Fr. Augustine FAMORIYO


  • Rev. Fr. Joseph ANIAGA
  • Rev. Fr. Daniel KOUMAH
  • Rev. Fr. P. OTUBUSIN



Chairman: Rev. Fr. Dr. Kenneth ADESINA - Dean of Students


  • Rev. Fr. Stephen OGBEIYE – Assistant Dean of Students
  • Senior Prefects I – III
  • Labour/Bursars I – IV
  • Year II Student Representative