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Inter-Semester Events
Monday, February 20, 2023

Inter-Semester Events

With the curtains on the First Semester drawn close, the formators and students of our Seminary Community had a week of respite, during which some events were conducted. From Monday the 20th of February to Tuesday the 21st of February, a lecture was anchored by Dr. Titilayo Leslie, in morning and evening sessions. Dr. Leslie, who is a torchbearer for the African Historical Society-A society with a raison d’etre of digitizing the African historical writings in European vaults, brought to the fore, the place of Africa in the Bible. With her genius for reading ancient African manuscripts in Meiotic and Geez, Dr. Leslie brought to glare how deep African Christianity is, as a way of initiating a re-imagination of evangelization in Africa. On the 23rd of February, the entire Seminary community congregated in the auditorium for a correspondence from the Cohorts- Seminarians who participated in Synodal Encounter between the Pope and University Students in Africa. This cohort programme was suffused with a run-down of the events of the synodal encounter by Ejim Michael as well as with some speeches which were delivered by, Sule Friday and Nwabuisi John-Paul, who were moderated by Ikpan Wilson. The speeches which centered round the theme of the papal encounter- “Ubuntu: A culture of encounter,” had as their focal point, reasons for and solutions to the estrangement of youths from the Catholic Church, as well as shedding illumination on the need for the establishment of youth ministries. On Friday, 24th February, a talk titled: “Domesticating Philosophical and Theological Studies in Pastoral Ministry,” was delivered by Fr. Martin Badejo. During the course of the break, time was also given for inter-floor competitions in different games, thus creating space for camaraderie among Seminarians. Indeed, while the break passed in a languid blink, the entire community was rejuvenated and ready to take on the Second Semester.


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