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Sunday, May 13, 2018

The saints are invaluable treasures to the Church, as they are not simply models of the Christian life and vocation, but are also great intercessors before God. The Church greatly recognizes the potency of the intercessions offered by the saints on behalf of men, and has always encouraged Christ’s faithful to offer devotions to these icons of faith and models of God’s love. This accounts for the practice and spread of the various devotions to saints in the Church. St. Jude, a patron saint of despairing cases, is one of the most famous devotional groups in the Church, as invocations are made to him all over the world under the title of St. Jude Apostolate.

Customarily in the Seminary of Saints Peter & Paul, Bodija, Ibadan, a day every year is dedicated for the celebration of young students by Members of St. Jude Society. The 2017/2018 academic/formation session was not devoid of this programme, as on the 13th day of May 2018, the Ibadan Archdiocesan body of St. Jude Society gathered in the Seminary to observe this occasion. The celebration began with the Holy Mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Joseph Iyamah. Sequel to this was the convergence of the members of St. Jude in the Seminary auditorium for the social interactive part of the students’ day celebration. Guests at the celebration were the students of St. Theresa Minor Seminary, Oke-Are, Ibadan; those of Sacred Heart College, Ring Road, Ibadan and St. Louis Grammar School, Mokola, Ibadan. The programme which was a spiritual cum social event began with a spiritual reading and talk centred on Love, delivered by Rev. Osamor Michael. This was followed by other activities such as the recitation of the Letter of St. Jude, drama presentations, music and dance presentations by representatives of the schools present, and many other light activities intended to create a joyful atmosphere. Inasmuch as the celebration was meant to honour young students, it was also employed as a means of evangelization; an avenue to foster greater devotion to St. Jude.

May St. Jude continue to intercede for us in the face of hopeless cases of life. Amen.


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