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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


During this session the facilitators anchored discussions on the following: dangers of sexual abuse, psychosexual developments and the management of one’s sexuality and spirituality. In discussing the dangers of sexual abuse, an understanding of the term, “sexual abuse” was enunciated. Here, it was discussed that sexual abuse is a criminal offence that subjects a child or vulnerable adult to sexual activities that are against his/her wish or engagement in sexual activities with minors who are incapable of making decisions on any issue that pertains their social and psychosexual development. The various manifestations of this abuse were looked into and they include; physical abuse, abuse through the internet and other media of communication such as through telephone, social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Verbal Abuse, Non-verbal Abuse such as dressing, music, pictures to mention but a few. This sort of abuse is prominent in pastoral settings especially in the rural areas where we encounter lots of unenlightened people in the field.

The position of the church with respect to the management of these abuses were reflected upon and it was deliberated that since it is a societal crime, the church would not excuse any of her members or ministers (priests or religious) from facing justice when found guilty of any of these offences. It is for this reason that the contract of indemnity is signed by all who embrace the clerical status of deaconate and priesthood before their Bishops.

The manifestation of the anomaly of sexual abuse might be as a result of immature psychosexual development. It is due to this that the various stages of psychosexual developments and their deviations were discussed and these include: Prenatal, childhood, adolescent and the adult stages. Deviations of these stages are manifested in inappropriate sexual attitudes such as Gay, lesbianism, homosexuality, abuse of minors, uncontrollable sexual fantasy to mention but a few.

To respond to reality of these in our world and pastoral field of our apostolate as priests and pastors of souls, the proper understanding of human sexuality with regards to relating with people of different psychosexual development and sex was discussed. This was discussed in line with the right Christian spirituality, that is, a proper understanding of the spirituality of the human sexuality was explored. Indeed, the session was very enlightening and educative as the facilitators punctuated their discussions with real case study issues.


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