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Faithfulness to the Lord Guarantees Success
By Fr. Francis Adedara
Thu, 01 Feb 2018

1 Kgs 2: 1-4. 10-12/ 1 Chr 29: 10b. 11ab. 11d-12a. 12bcd/R. 12b/Gospel: Mk 6: 7-13

Some people experience the anxiety of unfulfilled desire on their deathbeds.  Thus, they usually have last wishes to make sure nothing is left undone.  David had a last wish for his son Solomon.  He wished that Solomon should remain faithful to the Lord God, because that is the only guarantee of success in all human endeavours.  In the Gospel passage, Jesus urged the Twelve Apostles to remain faithful and trusting in the Lord, because the success of their mission depends on Him not on any material possessions. Hence, Jesus says to them, “Take nothing for the journey” (Mk 6:8).  We can only find joy and success in life only if our hearts are set on the Lord and on obeying his word.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to trust in you completely every day of our lives, to open our hearts to receiving your word, so that we may receive your promises.


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