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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

“The seminary is our home, her structures and facilities are our patrimony. We should care for them and properly maintain them.” With these words, Rev. Fr. Joseph Iyamah calls for more carefulness and concern in the handling and usage of seminary property when he addressed brothers on 27 November, 2018 at the seminary auditorium. He emphasized the necessity and imperativeness of willful contribution to the life of the seminary by manner of personal initiative and statutory duties such as morning functions, labour, etc.

Also within the ambience of duty, Fr. Iyamah calls for mutual respect, comportment in quasi-formal and public fora, personal hygiene and consciousness of personal health; as all these make for a holistic and true formation.

Moreover, he explained the statutory protocol for different activities and administrative structures in the seminary, and enumerated the procedures involved in obtaining permissions, making personal or departmental reports.

After giving apt responses to questions and opinions raised, Fr. Iyamah implored brothers to make good use of the forthcoming Advent retreat to recollect, refresh and to be renewed.


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